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At Djembe Man Drums we strive to meet or exceed client expectations for African djembe drums and authentic high quality African musical instruments.

From our awesome djembes and drums from Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea and Senegal, Senegalese and Gambian Kora, Xallam and Bolon and all the way to Zimbabwean Mbira and South African made Kalimba and Karimba - we are very proud to sell real quality musical instruments made in Africa by Africans - the people who created and played these instruments in one form or another from the beginning of mankind.

Please use the 'Contact Me' link and email or call me and I will personally help you with the selection of the perfect djembe for your needs and budget.

I have tried to make this a fun site and informational too, not only a site selling djembes and authenic African musical instruments but a site with video clips of African djembe drumming and music, news feeds about Africa and maps of Africa and the birthplace of famous djembefola and master djembe drummers. I add new content all the time and I hope you enjoy the web site.

Youtube Gallery includes links to clips of African music and drumming etc.

Google Maps show the birth place of African musicians, djembe masters, prominent djembe players and teachers in the USA, as well as Mbira, Kora, Bala/Marimba and other musicians. I also included where I grew up, in Zambia, though my name does not belong in the list of musicians. Because of the software, some compromises had to made - for instance Soungalo Coulibaly's name is shortened to S. Coulibaly - the name is too long and Famoudou Konate's birthplace is given as Kouroussa instead of Sangbaralla, Kouroussa is a village close to his birthplace - Google maps does not have Sangbaralla in its database.

Nkosi Sikeleli Africa - God Bless Africa

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